Terms and Conditions

  • Please read the terms and conditions set out below carefully before ordering any Services from this application. By ordering any Goods or Services from our mobile applications you shall be deemed to agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  1. Preliminary: We “foodsafari” are only service provider engaged in the business of providing food delivery services to customers.
  2. Interpretation of various terms used herein after:
    1. Service or services: Shall means food delivery services provided by us subject to other conditions.
    2. We or us or our: Shall to be construed to mean “foodsafari”.
    3. Restaurant: Means restaurant in the specified area with whom we shall enter into agreement to provide services.
    4. Goods: Shall means food items displayed on the application which can be ordered by this application which shall again be subject to availability.
    5. Customer: Means any person who orders goods using this application and to whom we undertake to deliver goods but does not include potential buyers or the one who has cancelled the order or who orders goods beyond the designated territory.
  3. Orders: Customers can place orders to us by downloading our mobile applications and follow the procedure provided in the application for ordering of food. Order shall be confirmed once its availability is confirmed by the concerned restaurant. We shall reserve the right to cancel the order with intimation to the customer owing to any reason beyond our control. Actual product may not be similar to image that is shown in the application.
  4. Required information: Customers are required at the time, when for the first time they are proceeding for availing services of food delivery through this application, to fill in asked information, without which services cannot be ordered. The information so required is to include name, mobile number, email address etc. and the like. This information is to be used by us for future correspondence with customers.
  5. Confidentiality: Information or data entered by customers in the application or otherwise known through this application by us shall not be in any case shared with any third party to the prejudice of the customers, except when it is required by law or justified by law to do so, or where there has been fraud played on by customers.
  6. Prices: Food items shall have the price displayed in the application however these are subject to confirmation and availability and price may change in certain extraneous circumstances. Price of goods basically to consists of three ingredients firstly the cost of product, secondly all applicable taxes, fees, charges etc. to be paid or payable to Government or local authority by whatever name called or referred and thirdly delivery charges (i.e charges for delivery services). All the above things put together shall be the amount to be paid by customers. Cost shall be the amount charged by restaurant and taxes and delivery charges is to be as prescribed from time to time by us having regard to various factors like applicable taxes, charges etc. charged by government and other alike issues including distance, conveyance etc.
  7. Payment: Payment can be made once reasonable opportunity is given to ensure the goods match the order, otherwise customer reserves the right to cancel the order and withhold the payment. Mode of payment can be either in cash which is to be paid at the time of delivery or by online payment through payment gateway provided in the application which is to be paid before delivery. As regard to payment by online mode customers has to comply to and fulfill criterion of the same. We owe no liability nor assume any responsibility in case of use of improper or unauthorized use of process by any person.
  8. Duration: Best endeavor shall be made by us to deliver the goods ordered as soon as possible subject to maximum timings of 45 minutes. This time can be extended to another 15 minutes owing to various circumstances. The maximum time specified here is to be extended in case of unavoidable circumstances like weather conditions, traffic issues, bandhs or any other incident hindering the delivery for that matter.
  9. Territory: We provide services only in areas designated i.e Dimapur (for now). We don’t provide the service beyond the areas specified. Likewise we shall provide this service on behalf of restaurant situated or located in the above mentioned areas or restaurant having branches in the above areas.
  10. Cancellation: Order once placed shall not be cancelled by the customer. However, cancellation can be effected only if it is done within 10 minutes of ordering not afterwards. Any cancellation made after 10 minutes of ordering shall not be valid unless approved by us subject to payment of charges as specified in this regard by us.
  11. Information: Customer impliedly agrees that all the information regarding address, name etc. shall be correct and accurate.
  12. Liability: Due care has been taken to ensure that all the information contained in this application is correct, despite all efforts in case of any error we shall not be liable. We don’t give any warranty regarding virus or any other similar programs that may occur due to usage of this application. Extreme measures has been taken to ensure that all the information regarding goods and restaurant is correct and accurate to the best of our knowledge and to prevent any fraud, however we shall not be held liable for any such concealment on the part of restaurant or fraud.
  13. Technical error: This being a net based mobile application may sometime mal function or cause some technical problem, we shall try to remove such defects at our earliest convenience, and shall not be liable to pay damages in case of such defect in running of the application.
  14. Relationship: It is hereby unequivocally stated that we are neither agents nor partners with any of the restaurant and our liability and responsibility is limited only to delivery of goods and nothing else.
  15. Warranty: We don’t give any warranty or guarantee as to registration of restaurant or quality, or quantity or potency or standards of goods supplied. It shall be the duty of customer to make sure that the goods are up to their standards before placing an order. We are not in any way responsible for any defect or shortcoming in the goods or towards the registration or license of the restaurant.
  16. Complaints: Any complaints or grievances shall be communicated through mail id provided or phone number given, best endeavor will be made to redress the same as soon as possible.
  17. Marks: No person shall use our marks and shall be held liable for passing off incase similar or identical marks are used resembling our app or of same features or display design etc. Jurisdiction: Any dispute arising as a result of usage of this application and ordering of goods shall be subjected to jurisdiction of courts in Dimapur.
  18. Exemption: Customer shall agree that in case of any deficiency or shortcoming or fraud or any other damage caused to the customer due to use of goods, action is to be taken against the concerned restaurant and we shall not be liable and no action of whatever nature is to be initiated or instituted against us as we are offering only delivery service and no other with regards to goods.
  19. Exemption: User hereby agree that in case of any deficiency or shortcoming or fraud or any other damage caused to user due to use of goods, action is to be taken against the concerned seller and we shall not be liable and no action of whatever nature is to be initiated or instituted against us.
  20. Other terms and conditions: Besides the terms and conditions contained herein orders shall be subjected to terms and conditions of the various banks and financial institution whose card is used by the user to make payment. We shall not be liable to compensate if payment is delayed or wrongly deducted on part of the bank and financial institution.
  21. Waiver: User cannot waive either by any act or abstinence any of these terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  22. Disclaimer: We can change the terms and conditions listed above without any notice to customers and we reserve the right to change them.